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Capitol Call is a political action app that will automatically find your legislators and other elected officials and allow you to contact them with ease.

How It Works

We Find Your Reps

Using your phone's GPS, we determine who your elected officials are.

Be Heard

With one tap, you can call their office to voice your opinion on the issues that matter to you. It's that easy!

Not a Phone Person?

Don't fret, you can also check out full profiles with ways to contact them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, via their websites, and more.

Uncertain who to call or what to say? We're here to help.

Our community-powered daily-updated Action Center provides contact lists, call scripts, and more for current political issues.

Why use Capitol Call?

  • Calling your legislators is the most effective way to reach them and influence their vote.
  • With Capitol Call, it's super easy and the American thing to do - we take out the guesswork.
  • It will make you a better citizen and our country stronger. Our elected officials work for us - but only if we hold them accountable.