Featured in Apple's "Serve Your Community" Feature

Apple featured Capitol Call in a collection of apps dedicated to helping users serve the community - a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's life and legacy.


When it comes to reaching your elected officials, the phone call remains uniquely powerful.

"Calls stick with legislators because it's personal contact and because there's so much less of them thanks to the internet and social media," said Kris Miller, author of Constituency Representation in Congress: The View from Capitol Hill and a political science professor at the University of Maryland.

Capitol Call uses your GPS location to work out who your federal elected officials are, then offers up their phone numbers on a big red button. Call your lawmakers to let them know how you feel about the issues that affect your and your community.

(The link below requires an iPhone to view)

Read more at: itunes.apple.com

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Published 4/4/18